Thursday 2 January 2014

A New Year

Well, it's officially 2014 for the last 2 days. Many people made lists about how amazing 2013 was or what did they achieve, what photos did they take, where did they go. I don't think I want to do it this year. Anyway it's 2014 and it's already late. I believe the main reason for this to make yourself see that every year has its ups and downs. Every year you have some experiences although they are not the ones you were planning all along. And although you feel like you're getting older, it's just numbers on a paper and life has nothing to do with that.

Also many people has set their goals for 2014 and made some resolutions. I wish I was one of the more determined people out there but I am not. Over the years I tried to make resolutions, only to leave them to rot in week two. I know it is important to set some goals to get things done but obviously I need more motivation for this. 

But I'm not saying that I have no expectations from 2014 or last year was completely bad. I think it usually felt flat and sad but it also had good moments, new people, new places. And what I decided to do was to set simple goals for this year. I'm not saying I'm going to write everyday because I know I can't. Or I can't go jogging every week. But I can say that I will try to love myself more (because last days of 2013 made me realize that I was neglecting the one person I'll have to live with for the rest of my life) and I'll try to write more things, and learn a new recipe at least in 3-4 weeks. See, I made some resolutions after all. 

Oh 2014, be gentle to me!