Monday 10 March 2014

Last week #2

This week has been slow comparing the first week. But the weekend was worth the boring weekdays. Some of my best friends visited us and we spent every minute together from Friday to Monday morning, been to several places and laughed a lot. What I enjoyed this week was:
  • Cleaning out the fridge and finding loads of sun dried tomatoes, capers and other delicious stuff.
  • Soundtrack of Only Lovers Left Alive.
  • Chocolate cake made by my aunt and spending the afternoon with my grandmother, aunt, mother. This resulted in so many funny old stories, I was giggling on my way back despite the funny looks from the people around.
  • Writing a letter to my friend Alkyoni. (But not posting it because I might add things.)
  • New leather bag purchase. I'm not someone who buys lots of things or think that consumerism would make me happy but this leather bag was something of an investment.
  • The best red nail polish-lipstick combo. Also my outfit on Saturday in black and white. 
  • Having friends over, cooking in a tiny kitchen (though I was pretty low on kitchen ranks) with five people. 
  • Having a 90's party (not really though we just got carried away a bit while listening to backstreet boys) in the house. Which lead to watching 70's music videos. (Which also resulted in me singing Rasputin while waking up next morning.)
  • Talking non-stop, mostly about fictional characters. Writing the plot of a new story in our heads and being happy when it finally made SO MUCH sense. (That eureka moment to be more precise)
  • Playing chubby bunny. Though I was the first to lose with barely 4 marshmallows (let's face it, that was expected), it was still fun to play. Or at least watch İpek sing with 7 marshmallows in her mouth.
  • Zei's drawing. As always. I should make a seperate post for that. I have talented friends. 
  • Receiving gifts. Fancy gifts, a vintage hat from my mother, a dark red purse from my aunt or nerdy gifts, a band-ait kit with TINTIN on it and a Fullmetal Alchemist brooch from my friends. Basically realizing that your friends really know you.
  • Going to a second-hand bookshop, buying comic books and Shakespeare. 
  • Re-watching Only Lovers Left Alive. (Yeah, you're aware I'm a bit obsessed now)
  • Discovering a new café with perfect apple pie and the sweetest decor. 
  • Best lasagna in a while. Drinking wine and walking for a couple of kilometers at 10 p.m. on a Saturday to be able to breathe again while listening to your friends talking. 
  • The belly of Sylvio the cat. 
  • Knowing that at least one or two people sleeping in every room of the house. (It may sound crowded for some people but it was quite fun since we usually don't hang out as a huge group so it was amazing to gather everyone, finally.) Walking around the house early in the morning when everyone else was sleeping (well, except the cat).
  • Sunday afternoon beer and chips. Managing dancing while seated (basically moving your limbs and head maniacally to the music). 
  • Cansu and Barış's hair the whole evening.
  • Watching Sylvio (the cat) playing with ribbons and İpek playing The Walking Dead (her reactions!!!).  
  • Bilge's continual attempts on changing the name of the cat.
  • Weird happenings around the house like a bag moving all by itself, teacups drifting away on the counter, a coat standing still without something beneath it. (All had very reasonable explanations though. Or I think they do.)
  • All in all, the whole weekend. I feel a bit tired now. 


  1. More than half of these make me extremely happy, too. I wish I could get a tattoo of this weekend to never forget it.

    1. YES! It was amazing. It would be a funny tattoo though, if you had something for it. Anyway that's why we have blogs and journals, if our memory fails us.

  2. I hanged the drink&draw sketch on my wall with all of your signatures. Love you. So. Much.

    1. That sketch <3 Love you very very much Zei! Come back again, pleaaase! We miss you.

    2. We love you more. Baby come back.