Monday 22 September 2014

Before we go back to the city

Ships are waiting for you
The best and the worst part of summer house is that time goes extremely slow. But when you look back it's been already 2 weeks plus on and off 2 months. So there's not much to do there but watch sunrise and sunset, drink beer watching the mountains, write and read a little, swim, cook, eat (a lot) and sleep (also quite a lot) For me best time for a summer holiday is September though. It's not that hot (biggest advantage), less crowded (meaning less whiny children), prices are reasonable and service is always better. But for me holiday is over for a while I guess. NOW I'm ready for autumn.
Late Lunch or Early Dinner
Morning Walks
Sunset vol. 32878326
And September Reds
September greens


  1. Perfect. Gorgeous photos, looks so tranquil.

  2. Beautiful photographs, dear! Looking forward to more.

  3. wonderful photos! I love September too but only because it is out spring, here in Australia :-)
    Aselle from

    1. Thank you! Also spring and autumn can a little bit interchangable but I really can't imagine new years eve in summer. I think I should start thinking about travelling Australia. It'd be a whole new experience.