Monday 23 February 2015

A Sunday with Books

book haul? 
I have to admit that I enjoyed our book themed weekend very much. Yesterday, there was a book fair (with lots of second hand book sellers as well). But let it not fool you. These books are not really from that book haul. In fact I only bought one book (WHAT?) and it's not shown here. They are from two friends. (Last 2 books of A Song of Ice and Fire series, or Game of Thrones book as you may say are from Bilge and others are from İpek, she was just giving them out.) So we met in the middle of the day, a weird time for some of us needed some coffee and some needed something stronger. We exchanged books and went to the book fair (not pictured here because it was hard to walk let alone take photos). We shopped and looked at books, comics, posters and records. Exhausted we found ourselves finally eating pizza and ravioli and talking about books and whatnot.
  weekend weekend 


  1. That's some great books you've got here. Have fun getting through them ;)

    1. Thank you :) I'm also excited with these additions to my huge to-read pile.