Sunday, 28 September 2014

Links! Links! Links!

I'm back in the city and it is, considering I'm a full-time jobseeker at the moment not in the least exciting. But I have my moments sometimes. On wednesday I took myself to an extraordinary date for instance. Yeah, you heard it right. And remembered that treating yourself right is VERY important.

I've been planning to do these link roundups every week but going back and forth between city and summer house messed with my sense of time lately. So here we go. You may listen to this week's mix too.
  • After my post on Friday if you still want to read (not watch this time) something related to food I'd recommend reading Michelin Star. It's one of my favourite web comics and it's still getting updated so...
  • Did you know there is a door to hell in Turkmenistan? No, really, there is!
  • If you're like me and go around all day with the feeling of 'But it's on the tip of my tongue!!!' you can use this website. Thanks İpek for this one. (I also need a Turkish version of this one)
  • I LOVE airbnb, don't you? And now there are websites for eating like a local too.
  • Came across with these staycation ideas and since I'm back from summer house and can't be travelling for a long time it's the best alternative. Some of them maybe everyday things but doing them with a fresh feeling would do me good.
  • I'd love some Harry Potter reference on my mug.