Friday, 26 September 2014

Films on a Friday: Five Food Films...

... that'll make you hungry.

Alright I love food. I love eating it, making it, reading about it and more importantly watch it. But this probably isn't the only reason why I love food related films. The fact that they are mostly about people who are passionate about something (something being food) and trying to make it the best way they can is very enjoyable to watch. And while at it, having some mouth watering scenes and probably some family related drama which'll definitely going to be solved in the end of the film? Deal! As a big fan of dark, scary films food films are my go-to feel good films. So you probably heard most of them, but even if you watched I think you should rewatch them.

1. Today's Special (2009)

A film about Indian food and it is really fun to watch. Samir, a promising chef in Manhattan loses his job and while he was planning a future  in Paris he finds himself in charge of the family restaurant. Only there is one problem, he doesn't know how to cook Indian food. This journey helps him to find his real passion and enjoy food (leaving you drooling over your keyboard).

2. Big Night (1996)

This is what dreams are made of. Or my dreams to be honest. The story is about two brothers, Primo and Secondo (yes, I know) who emmigrated from Italy to USA and opened an Italian restaurant in the hopes of making big. But their restaurant is about to go out of business since they refuse (or Primo refuses as the chef) to make Americanized versions of Italian food (you go Primo!). So in the hopes of solving their problems they invite a big time jazz musician and throw a feast for him. And what a feast! This film is also known as the film that makes me think how that timpano tastes like for a week.

3. Ratatouille (2007)

Let's meet our favourite rat! Alright this one is pretty famous and it should be because it's about a rat who dreams to become a chef. It is also proof (if you need it that is) how animated films can also be gorgeous and fulfilling (and even makes you hungry). As I said in the beginning of this post. It's all about passion for food.

4.  Chef (2014)

Alright, so I watched this film on Monday and it's actually inspired me to do a list like this. I decided not to write the synopsis of this one because it's fairly new and there are lots of reviews telling you what's all about. But I'll tell you this: It's a film about Carl Casper, a famous chef who feels like his artistic freedom is taken away from him, estranged by his son starts to fix things by quitting his job and hitting the bottom. There are lots of food, that makes you hungry in the middle of the night,a road trip and some social media stuff. 

5. Soul Kitchen (2009)

Well this is not your ordinary food film, this one is more like a comedy with some food thrown in it. In Hamburg, everything is going down for Zinos, a restaurant owner. His girlfriend is going to Shanghai, he hurts his back, he can't cook all the while trying to keep his restaurant by dealing with tax people, health authorities and his reckless brother who starts working for him (not really working though) to avoid going back to prison. A real chaos? Yes! Especially when he hires a unique chef to solve some of his problems and loses his costumers. But wait! No I'm not going to tell you the whole story. But it has an amazing soundtrack, you should watch it even just for this.

Honorable mentions: Eat Drink Man Woman, No Reservations, Chocolat, Julie & Julia. Also if you're into it you may want to watch Kitchen Confidential, a TV series about restaurants.


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