Sunday 28 September 2014

Links! Links! Links!

I'm back in the city and it is, considering I'm a full-time jobseeker at the moment not in the least exciting. But I have my moments sometimes. On wednesday I took myself to an extraordinary date for instance. Yeah, you heard it right. And remembered that treating yourself right is VERY important.

I've been planning to do these link roundups every week but going back and forth between city and summer house messed with my sense of time lately. So here we go. You may listen to this week's mix too.
  • After my post on Friday if you still want to read (not watch this time) something related to food I'd recommend reading Michelin Star. It's one of my favourite web comics and it's still getting updated so...
  • Did you know there is a door to hell in Turkmenistan? No, really, there is!
  • If you're like me and go around all day with the feeling of 'But it's on the tip of my tongue!!!' you can use this website. Thanks İpek for this one. (I also need a Turkish version of this one)
  • I LOVE airbnb, don't you? And now there are websites for eating like a local too.
  • Came across with these staycation ideas and since I'm back from summer house and can't be travelling for a long time it's the best alternative. Some of them maybe everyday things but doing them with a fresh feeling would do me good.
  • I'd love some Harry Potter reference on my mug.

Friday 26 September 2014

Films on a Friday: Five Food Films...

... that'll make you hungry.

Alright I love food. I love eating it, making it, reading about it and more importantly watch it. But this probably isn't the only reason why I love food related films. The fact that they are mostly about people who are passionate about something (something being food) and trying to make it the best way they can is very enjoyable to watch. And while at it, having some mouth watering scenes and probably some family related drama which'll definitely going to be solved in the end of the film? Deal! As a big fan of dark, scary films food films are my go-to feel good films. So you probably heard most of them, but even if you watched I think you should rewatch them.

Monday 22 September 2014

Before we go back to the city

Ships are waiting for you
The best and the worst part of summer house is that time goes extremely slow. But when you look back it's been already 2 weeks plus on and off 2 months. So there's not much to do there but watch sunrise and sunset, drink beer watching the mountains, write and read a little, swim, cook, eat (a lot) and sleep (also quite a lot) For me best time for a summer holiday is September though. It's not that hot (biggest advantage), less crowded (meaning less whiny children), prices are reasonable and service is always better. But for me holiday is over for a while I guess. NOW I'm ready for autumn.
Late Lunch or Early Dinner
Morning Walks
Sunset vol. 32878326
And September Reds
September greens

Sunday 7 September 2014

Links! Links! Links!

It turns out #road trips are...

So I'm here in the summer house (again! yeah) but I only came last night so it probably doesn't count yet. I didn't do much this week. Nothing really worthwhile anyway. Except going out on to a tavern with İpek (and a couple of her friends) and drank rakı which is always nice. Well other than that I created this blog where I share my stories.  There's only some prompts right now (MYTHS) but I hope there'll be more. So I decided to list things that I found this week (and thought that are interesting). Here have some sunday reads. Also you can listen to this little mix while you're reading.
  • Since we're talking about music, Interpol's new album El Pintor is about to be released next week but I've been listening to it for the last 10 days non-stop like the true fangirl that I am. Thanks for online streaming. If you know me I probably harrassed you in some way or another over the last decade about Interpol and how I love them. So I'm really happy that I can read tons of articles about them.
  • I LOVE walking. I love how it clears my head and boosts my creativity. And here's an article on why walking helps us think. 
  • This is magnificient and beautiful.
  • Shieldmaidens are not a myth! Well, we knew it wasn't a myth but now scientist came around on that one. If you like history, vikings and woman warriors, a lovely article for you. 
  • While we're on the powerful, vicious woman figures in history, here are 10 female gangsters you should know about.
  • And I've been loving this non-sexist tabloid headlines since it's out. 
  • It's been quite a while since I started a school year like a student but I'm still all for stationery shopping. And I think these pencils are really good, especially if you're having a breakdown at the office.
  • Another perfect shop (on kitchen utensils) where I want to buy everything but can't afford it at the moment. I mean what will I do with 9-inch professional kitchen sears anyway. I don't have a place to put it. It's good that most of them are sold out at the moment though.
  • Excuse me madame/sir, can I interest you in a new coffee grinder? For a long time I've been saying that a good grinder is probably more important than an expensive espresso machine and The Coffee Compass tells you why. And they give you options for your price range, too!

Thursday 4 September 2014

End of Summer

Early morning at beach
I know it's the 4th of September and I know lots of people went on their Autum modes the moment clocks hit 12 a.m. on the 1st. But unfortunately I'm not like that. Maybe it's because I'm a procrastinator but probably because it's still above 30C around here, I don't feel like summer is over. (Summerhouse plans for the next week are also preventing me from that) The problem is I don't know where summer went. And while I want to blame the horrible days we went through as a family, it'd be an overstatement. Because those days were mostly over during summer and I didn't want to do anything. This doesn't mean I didn't enjoy the summer. But I also realized that I need to remember those moments and that's where a blog comes handy. What did I do this summer?
  • Was mostly in the summer house with a spectecular mountain view and 10 minutes walk to the beach. 
  • Some friends came to visit so we stayed till late at nights and slept on the beach because of the heat. We also ate tons of mussels and drank beer a lot.
  • I got to go to Tenedos with other friends. Probably had the most delightful 3 days. Walked a lot, drank a lot of wine and watched the sunset. 
  • Then some extended family members came to visit. Which was actually more fun than you might think. So we had huge dinners which led to lazy conversations. 
  • I came back to the city a couple of times. It was not that bad. Watched Star Wars in open air, had picnics in the park. I met with an old friend and a new friend in Istanbul for 2 days. Gotta miss Istanbul. (Besides I had quite a lot of fun)
  • I finally wrote some stuff. Not that much but it was still more than rest of the year.
  • I didn't read much unfortunately. But the book I enjoyed most was Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula Le Guin (Don't ask me why it took me so much to finally read this book).
  • And I finally realized how much I missed 'listening' to music. Actively, like the old times. 
  • Oh and I ate a lot. 

Trees (they are us?)
Before heading home
But when sun went down
Let's walk
That's how doors should be
Island view
Comfy cat
An ordinary evening
View from my balcony
Best bookshop in island
Eat all the food
Oh me!