Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Last week

Hello there,
I decided to put together these weekly posts for several reasons. First, I love making lists as much as the next person. Second, lately I need to realize that my life is not actually going downhill all the time and things that make me happy (even for a moment) are happening. And finally, maybe this way I can post something on the blog. Because I want to. 

Last week I was in Aegean coast again. That was a pretty calm holiday but I enjoyed lots of things.
  • Blossoms on the trees and the game which we were trying to guess what tree that is. 
  • Long walks on beach and calm sea.
  • That one cigarette on the balcony in the middle of the night when it was raining. 
  • The cheeks of the fish that's been caught by a family friend. I never thought of eating a fish's head. Boy, was I wrong.
  • Helping another family friend to make soaps. 
  • Spa, warm water, smell of plain soaps, turkish bath and the feeling of being SO clean that you feel like you're shining. 
  • The silence and the birds. 
  • A little red house with a huge garden.
  • Taste of the perfect olive oil. 
  • My grandmother acting like drunk when she was not and the fact that she was aware of it.
  • The clementine tree and the huge terrace of our new summer house. Also the mountain view. 
  • Finally, rain!
  • Driving on an empty road.
  • Cinematography of the Grandmaster (I also generally liked the film but I think Wong Kar Wai is better at telling personal stories than big historical events. So the parts about history though very nice they were, cut the story telling that I'm so fond of like a knife.)
  • Going to an Italian cooking class and learning new sauces. And that four cheese sauce. 
  • Having a huge Sunday breakfast.
  • Meeting old friends for a coffee and cake. Talking non-stop. 
  • The feeling and the smell of fresh sheets after a fast weekend.


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